Eye On The Birdie – Post #27 (My) High Schooler’s Life Continued

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Here is the continuation I promised! I have had ample time to work on it because the Internet keeps crashing at my house. I think I may be jinxing it. It appears to be working when I get home, but just before I can finish anything, my computer loses its conection. Ah, the glories of technology!

My next period is Child Development. It’s really fun, and I feel it is relevant to my future (I want to be a teacher). In class, we continued our discussion about safe dating. We also filled out worksheets that had to do with the discussion. It was quite entertaining. We had to devise “pressure lines” (phrases people could use to force you into situations you don’t want to be in) and responses to said lines. My favorite pressure line and response was, “How do you know you won’t like it if you haven’t tried it?” “I know what’s good for me.” I came up with the pressure line, and one of the other kids in the group came up with the response.

In my English class, we took a test. I hate being tested (and timed, for that matter). It wasn’t a very important test, but it was stressful. For some reason, the teacher telling the class not to worry only scared me more. English tests are among the few things that reliably petrify me. That test took up the entire class period, so I’ll skip to my favorite class of the day—Physical Science!

Now, I love science, but that isn’t why I look forward to the class so much. You see, I have more friends in science than in any other class. There are five kids that I work with and chat with—two boys and three girls. Two girls usually work at the same table as me and the other three work at the table in front of me. If one of our groups needs help with an assignment, they go to the other table for help (or to the teacher). For instance, we were sitting in our normal arrangement today and practicing balancing chemical equations. (I love balancing chemical equations. It’s like an awesome logic puzzle!) At one point the group at the table in front of us asked how to finish question number five. At another point, I was elected to go ask the teacher what the parentheses in (OH)2 meant. After we finished our work, one girl tried to find a catchy name for her science experiment while the other played with my pen. I gave decidedly non-catchy name suggestions while keeping a close eye on my pen—which she would not give back until the end of class.

My last and smallest class (there are about eleven students on a crowded day) is Spanish. Two of my friends from Science are also in Spanish with me, and we usually unofficially team up on assignments. Today, we were doing very picky yet typo-filled activities online. Since one can put in the correct answer and still get the question wrong, the three of us have created a system. Whoever is done with the activity and somewhat confident that their answers are correct presses the “check” button. They then show the other two their work and point out any stupid mistakes they made or typos in the program. In this way, at least one of us gets a perfect score on the activity, which is satisfying for all of us. Of course, it’s not foolproof, as two of us proved today. First one of my friends hit the “check” button before he was done. One or two minutes later, I did the exact same thing! I think my final friend finished successfully, though. Luckily, we have a very understanding teacher, and he let our slips slide.

That brings us to the end of my day. It was certainly a success in my opinion. I do not have a pile of homework waiting, none of my friends were absent, and I learned things in every class (except maybe English, because I don’t learn from tests). Goodbye until my next post!



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