Eye on the Birdie – Post #1 Introduction

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Hi! I am a Birdie level First Tee participant, and while writing this blog I will refer to myself as “Birdie”. (These are some of the reasons I chose to title my blog Eye On The Birdie.) I have been participating in The First Tee for five years. I’ve also been in the PGA Junior League for the past two years, and this is my first year playing high school golf. I’m rather nervous because this is the first time I have written a blog. However, I think I’m really going to enjoy this. I like writing and talking, so this should be perfect for me!

For the most part, I will be blogging about my day-to-day golf experiences. There will be a lot more of those soon, because high school golf starts in two days. Right now, though, all that’s happening is the occasional practice with my dad. I will now apologize to my coaches, because I really doubt that they want to hear me describe my practices as occasional.

I did go golfing with my dad and younger brother yesterday. I did not get one of my best scores, but I had a good attitude. This is something important to mention because I used to get very depressed if I got six over par on a par three. (My score was partially due to getting stuck in a forest of six or seven trees. Most trees have a grudge against golfers. I don’t really know why.) My experiences in The First Tee have helped me to learn to persevere and have confidence that my next shot will be better. (For those of you who don’t know, perseverance and confidence are two of the Nine Core Values of The First Tee.) The game was a lot of fun, including the six-over hole. If any of the people who have coached me are reading this, they are surely feeling some level of unhappiness at my account of going wildly over par. Well, they don’t need to worry, for I also golfed last weekend and got two pars. That was when I spotted a gorgeous red-tailed hawk!

Now you know the last reason I chose to call my blog Eye On The Birdie. Birding is one of my favorite hobbies. You would not believe how many birds live on golf courses! I also keep a life list of all the birds I have ever seen, and it has over one hundred birds on it. This might not mean much to golfers who keep score, but it means a lot to birders who keep score!

That’s all I’m writing for today. Dinner is ready, and if I don’t start eating there won’t be anything left for me! I will write more next week (and I hope I will have more subject matter).


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