Eye On The Birdie – Post #26 (My) High Schooler’s Life

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Hello! This will be the post I promised in Post 25. My sincere apologies for taking so long. I really need to get on top of my life. In this post, I will summarize my day—an average Tuesday, except for the remarkable fact that I have no homework. Joy!

This morning, just like every other weekday morning, my dad woke me at 6:30. I managed to finish the process of dragging my uncooperative body out of bed before five minutes passed. Then I got dressed and brushed my hair—the latter of which took quite a while, as my hair was tangled and is quite long. After I gathered the school supplies scattered over the desk in our “school room” and ate breakfast, I picked up the dog poop (Ah, what an attractive way to start the day!) and fed the rabbits. Then I brushed my teeth, tried to bend over with my backpack half on, and tipped over into a wall.

Once I finally managed to get to school, I headed up two flights of stairs to my first class, which is AP Human Geography. I really enjoy that class, mostly because I think the subject is fascinating. Since all we did was take notes and watch part of a movie, I will skip ahead to my second hour class.

I stayed up researching questions on Greek theater the previous night because they were due before Intro to Theater today. However, they weren’t due today, even though I was told they were. My life is so confusing. Instead of doing something productive, my friend and I compared our opinions of the Hunger Games book series by Suzanne Collins. They are my second favorite series after Harry Potter, but my friend says she thinks they aren’t near as good as the Harry Potter series. She says they are too sad. I, being a crazy person, love that they are “realistic.” I mean, it’s a war! People die! I have a thing for somewhat dystopian books. We were still discussing the merits of the series as we left the classroom.

After Theater, I trekked across the campus to Algebra 1. We are studying correlation at the moment, and the unit test is coming up. I think the students and the teacher will be glad to be done with the subject. Today there was a pretest of sorts, which I didn’t find too confusing. I still want to know what whacko decided that the letter to represent slope should be m and the letter to represent y-intercept should be b. That doesn’t even make sense. I spent the end of the period talking with another friend about what language we want to speak, why we want to speak it, and how we would like to learn to speak it.

(At this point I want to point out to anyone on Earth who doesn’t think teens can do anything “good” outside of what they are directed to do, my two friends and I had already independently had two intellectual conversations concerning learning styles, foreign languages, and works of literature. Kids rule!)

Lunch came next. It was boring, so I’ll ignore it.

This post is insisting on being much too long! I still have a lot I want to mention, and not very much opportunity to do so. As such, I’ll write a continuation of my day. Ta-da! Now I will have two posts, both of a manageable length. All this school must be turning me into a genius! Bye for now!














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